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Owner of these webpages and the connected email addresses:
Wolf-Dieter Roth, Bergstr. 23a, D-86807 Buchloe, +49-700-WOLFROTH, wolfdrock @ wolfdrock.com

Owner of studio facilities, satellite uplinks and webcasts:
Radio Caroline, 426 Archway Road, Highgate, London N6 4JH, England UK

Contact for ads on German Caroline:
Peter Och, Hauptstraße 15, 07366 Blankenstein, Telefon 036642/22334, Telefax 036642/22593, E-Mail: ra.och@arcor.de

Bank information for listeners financing German Caroline:
Peter Och, Raiffeisenbank Bad Steben-Berg, Kontonr. 70 48 57, Blz 770 698 36

Wolf D. Rock is a registered trade mark.