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When is Wolf D. Rock on?

Well, nothing in life is for free - if you want to listen to Wolf D. Rock, you have to get up early Saturday morning. Or get a satellite receiver with a harddrive like I did (Kathrein UFD 552), so you can record the program automatically and listen to it at a more decent time. :-)

Wolf D. Rock is on air every 2-3 weeks within "German Caroline" added with the programs from Paul Meier and Bobby Smith. Time is Saturday morning 8 to 10 a.m. ME(S)Z (Central European time) resp. 7 to 9 a.m. BST (British time). It is a bit earlier in Britain than on the continent and if you really can't face waking up at that time, get on your phones the night before and ask your friends either in Europe or those with a satellite receiver with a hard drive in Britain to record it for you.

If you are into your music then you probably won't want to miss this wicked show. Featuring all the best rock from over the decades, it will set you up for your Saturday and leave you rocking out for the rest of the day. The first Wolf D. Rock show was aired the 20th of Juli 2002. At the moment Wolf D. Rock is taking a break until free to air reception on Astra 1 (19,2° east) is reestablished.

The recordings of already aired Wolf D. Rock shows at Radiopiraten.net had to be shut down due to the record industry charging too much for webradio in Germany since April 2005. However, some of the shows are still availaby for download on azanorak.com.